Fitment: compatibility of vehicle spare parts

This is one of the ultimate tools of eBay: Fitment. Fitment is a technique that makes easier the sales of vehicle spare parts by allowing the association of each part to a specific model of vehicle. That way, the searches of the buyers are automatically associated to the compatibility of the parts that they are looking for, independently of the title of the ad.

What are the advantages of Fitment?

Between others advantages, the sellers get a higher visibility of their products and at the same time they reduce the negative opinions due to the more accurate information the buyers receive. Besides, the use of this instrument it allowed in the major part of subcategories of the spare parts and accessories for vehicles.

To add this information, eBay offers us a manual process through the web interface, but this method is very tedious for big inventories. That is why FastFitment is born: a tool from where the sellers are able to update their inventories of products in a massive, fast and efficient way.

How does Fitment work?

Fitment is based on the KTypes identifier that defines the brand and model of vehicle on eBay. This way, you can match compatible parts to each car.

How can I use Fitment in my seller account?

  1. Download the master list of vehicles, where the KTypes appear for each model.
  2. Log in to Fast Fitment using your eBay login.
  3. Download the item store and open it in the program used to handle files in this format (e. g. Notepad, OpenOffice).
  4. Include the KTypes of compatible vehicles for each item.
  5. Log in again to Fast Fitment and upload the file to add or update the compatibilities.

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